CHN— Developing stage, What is CHN

CHN is an idea that came after along time of watching the NFT space and seeing all those PFP collections and very few with another utility rather than being beautiful JPEGs. Why not creating a NFT project with utility as it’s focus and not only a PFP.

Then started to create the idea and plans for a collection that is known as CHN. New ideas for never seen utilities. And since I am a control freak 😅 I wanted to make the majority of the work by myself. And from there I started learning the programming language needed for NFT collection and creating the technical things that are required. This was early September. From there I started to experiment on new utilities for a NFT collection, and all the successful experiments I made are included on the GGL as features.

Some of the experiments were fails or with great gas fees for interacting with it and some were game changers for NFTs that will increase the value of any collection that would implement them. One of them is the Royalty Staking Platform where holders of the collection can stake their tokens and get a percentage of the Royalties that will be distributed randomly to evade people staking only to get the Royalty percentage. This is used to reduce the circulating supply and awarding the best holders and people that really trust in our project. Many more utilities will be added to the collection making it a long term project and not some flips and we are done.

One other aspect of this collection is that it will have an anti-whale system that will not allow addresses have more than 5 NFTs on the wallet and making the mint restricted to 3 per transaction. This will allow every supporter on our community to purchase one and not having big whales to fluctuate the price.

This concludes today’s story. On next post we will go deeper on technical aspect. See you next time. Have a great day 😄




Under development NFT collection will unique utilities.

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Under development NFT collection will unique utilities.

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